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Welcome to the C20 Governance group 

This group developed recommendations for the G20 to support economic growth and resilience through effective and transparent institutions. When civil society loses trust that economic resources will be fairly allocated – whether through corruption, loopholes created by outdated regulation, or a lack of openness by government – both the economy and civil society suffer. 

Membership of this working group is open.  Anyone can have input into the group’s recommendations, but only by posting on this website. Drafting of the group’s position paper was led by the discussion leaders and co-chairs. A draft position paper was posted online here on 29 April for further feedback.  

The feedback we receive will help shape our final recommendations to the G20 Leaders. 

The discussions here closed on 16 May. All policy position papers will inform the Australian C20’s communique which will be discussed and approved at the Summit in June.

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